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Meet Our Staff

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Andrea - Registere massage therapist

I started holistic massage techniques, using wooden tools 14 years ago. It all began after having my third child and noticing  that my body shape was just not the same. It was accumulating fat and making skin stretch leaving stretch marks behind. I tried plenty of diets and medications that strongly affected my thyroid. I decided to look for natural treatments instead and I found holistic massage techniques.


I was amazed by the result after just one session. I lost 3 inches off my waistline and I could already see some toning in my skin.That's when I decided to go to school and to help others like me as a side job to my nursing career in Colombia.


After coming to Canada (eh!) I had the opportunity to study massage therapy and because of my previous experience I decided to jump back into the massage therapy world. I felt fulfilled and right at home helping others with many health issues regarding skin, bone muscles, ligaments, joints, tissue and tendons.




Registere massage therapist. I am eager and motivated to continue learning new techniques, so that I can provide the best possible treatment to the clients. 


I am absolutely passionate about health, fitness style and wellness are essential key factors in my life.


I like to help people to improve their overall health, which ultimately results in a higher quality of life overall.  



I am a student Massage Therapist with 2200 hours certification.


Throughout my studies, I have been able to realize the importance of the health and well-being for the body. I firmly believe in the change of life, in giving a little care  and attention to our body since it is the one we count on everyday of our lives.


Healthy living promotes a healthy body, and that goes hand in hand with exercise and good nutrition. Promoting and restoring the movement of your joints, relieving muscle tension, and restoring all the functions of our ligaments will mean that in an adult life there is no limitation, Therefore I have gain a great interest with Massage Therapy by being able to help others.



I am currently a student Massage Therapist with 2200 hours certification, I am very passionate about health and well-being. I believe in the importance of educating the clients of how Massage Therapy helps their well-being and how it works. I am very passionate about the fitness world, and firmly believe in the importance of alimentation and physical activity when it is related to maintaining a healthy life.


With a good attitude and less intuitive attitude, and listened to your body to individualize every treatment needed according to the clients needs. By providing Swedish Massage, Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue and Cupping Massage.



I am currently working towards my certificate in IPL treatments and Ultra Cavitation treatments. 

I have my degree in Human Resources from Mexico, and with this degree, I can apply my knowledge to my treatments to enhance my clients' experiences.


I feel that I want to provide each of my clients with a fantastic experience to explore all the ways they want to improve and enhance their beauty.